Stories are a powerful language-learning tool to reinforce grammar and build vocabulary. Stories are also one of the quickest ways our brains learn. At LingoBites, we bring together creative short stories from authors all over the world, tailored specifically to language learning. Some of our stories are heartwarming, some sad, and some laugh-out-loud funny. Best of all, you’ll get really good Spanish practice while enjoying a good read.

We bundle the stories by their level of difficulty in order to make it easier to find the stories that are going to work best for you to practice with. Most of our stories are between 400 – 1400 words so that they can be read within 20 minutes. Where stories are a bit longer, so they’re broken up into smaller parts in order to make them more accessible.

We currently offer stories with Spanish and English side by side (sometimes called “parallel text” stories), so that you can quickly reference the meaning in English without having to look up words in the dictionary. Other languages will be developed as we have the community support to do so. If you have language skills in French, German, Portuguese, or Italian and want to help, then please get in touch!

LingoBites stories are free to read with registration.